amontis philosophy

Good prospects? Sustainable success isn't a game of luck.

"Fate gives us the hand, and we play the cards." (Arthur Schopenhauer). You may get a good hand through a lucky coincidence. This is, however, neither a basis nor a guarantee for sustainable success.

In order to perform continuously well, you have to know the game and play your cards wisely with an eye on the next moves - not only your own ones but also those of your fellow players. For the real art is to play a good game despite a poor hand and keep this quality up for the entire game. Therefore, we do not rely on our luck as luck alone has never brought about lasting success. We work with care and foresight. We quickly understand and analyze even complex situations. We act and react very fast and still keep an eye on the long-term effects of our work. We realize sustainable success.

Fostering sustainability? We help you grow your resources.

We are aware of our social responsibility towards the community we are part of. With our Corporate Citizenship Program, we support social and research projects in different parts of the world in order to contribute to a better future. Furthermore, sustainability unites both ecological and economic objectives if we continuously strive to use existing resources of all kinds more efficiently and effectively. Developing your internal resources and using them efficiently in order to strengthen your organization in the long run is a key element of our philosophy. On that account, we already produce results along the way towards the final objective which constitute a benefit to your organization. We integrate those results into your company. We ensure that the gained know-how remains within your company after our work is done and make sure that your mangers, supervisors and employees will be able to proceed down the chosen avenue without our help.

Haven't heard of our heroic deeds? You decide what you want to make public.

Newspapers and business magazines - online and offline - are full of heroic deeds, not least of those of large consulting firms. Although we helped numerous large and renowned companies with facing different challenges, we are not as present in media as many of our peers. This, however, is not a coincidence or due to a bad PR strategy, but a core element of our philosophy. Our clients trust us with their situations and challenges and appreciate that this information is kept confidential. We do not wish to raise our profile based on the concerns of our clients but consider ourselves discreet helpers of your organization. We are happy if you successfully master your challenges. You decide, whether you want to bring that to public attention.

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