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Looking for sources of inspiration? We are bubbling with ideas!

Due to their profession, amontis partners, consultants and trainers have the privilege to gain insights into many different organizations and thus learn about myriads of different problems and solutions.

At amontis, this impetus encounters an open-minded and creative spirit and is developed into new ideas, methods and solutions. Day in day out, we transfer experiences, insights and know-how into new streams of action. We are bubbling with ideas!

Innovative consistency? Experience stands out.

Finding the right balance between innovation and consistency is a walk on the tightrope. Today's world tends to be rather fast-moving and even short-lived. Trend spotting seems to produce eye strain and paralyzation more than anything else these days. Trends demand permanent change and renewal. Innovations are the basis of existential and future-oriented consistency. Clients, employees and the brand, however, suffer from to many frequent shifts and changes of direction. For more than 20 years, we have been guiding and supporting our clients during this tightrope walk. Our experience stands out.

An insight into our way of thinking? We share our knowledge in order to multiply it.

For us, it is essential to intensely deal with, reflect, discuss, develop and pass on trends and issues as a suggestion. Therefore, we are publishing articles in books, specialist journals and our magazine “initiative magazin”. On conferences, networking events, seminars, trainings and during meetings, we present our way of thinking and acting. We share our knowledge in order to multiply it.

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