Blended Consulting

Blended consulting - the amontis approach

We transform strategies and ideas into actions with a blended approach to match precisely your expectations. We are your consultant, interim manager, trainer and coach – or better said, a mix of all that – in regards to management and leadership and in the context of organisational changes and transformations.

Because we know that each project is different and that the economical situation in which you are can vary highly, we offer you with blended consulting  tailored solutions that fit exactly your needs, when you need them. We are convinced that cooperation is the best way to achieve success, meaning that we will not boss you around but find the best suiting options together.  Thanks to our valuable expertise backed up by a strong theoretical background plus our extensive network, we will adapt quickly to reach your goals no matter the difficulty of the mission.



We elaborate  and implement your stragegy.

Both daily business and projects are of utmost importance for your success.  Daily business helps you achieve the margin necessary to secure the future, projects give substance to this very future.

Experience shows that the functional organization usually gains more attention particularly in terms of management while the project organization uses more of the available resources. Being fit for the future requires bringing both aspects together in one common strategy and to direct the work of both towards it. Therefore, we audit the daily and project business of your organization and measure its degree of future viability. Beyond supporting you in fulfilling your obligation to compliance, we also help you carry out your governance mission and thus to build up confidence internally and externally. We make you fit for the future.

The true value of a strategy emerges with the effective change it brings about. Therefore, we do not only develop strategies but verify them in terms of feasibility. We evaluate whether the current project portfolio is aligned with the strategy. We guide and control the implementation process and transfer necessary changes and methodological know-how to all levels and areas involved. We are managers, consultants, trainers and coaches. We implement your strategy. We elaborate it with you from the outset.


Interim Management​

We face your turbulences with you.

In the context of demographic change, the shortage of skilled workers particularly threatens the productivity and viability of companies.

At the same time, myriads of technological, economical and social developments and changes present ever increasing challenges to profiles and qualifications needed in the short, medium or long term, permanently or temporarily. Temporary requirements in the short and medium term often involve the greatest challenges. Recruitment and training processes are time-consuming and set up for the long term. According to your needs, we offer quick and suitable interim solutions and make you strong, flexible and adaptable.

Sometimes a driving force or an objective external view is lacking at a crucial moment in order to set things in motion. In the course of consulting assignments, we have often been asked to assume full responsibility for a certain result until its completion and, thus, gained a lot of experience in interim management. We quickly understand the overall context of a project. We have a large range of methods and approaches at our disposal. We act in a creative and solution-oriented manner. We have a sense for cultures and people. We intervene where we see the greatest leverage.

Interim management as an answer to special situations and exceptional circumstances increasingly gains in importance. We assume responsibility for challenging and complex tasks of project, program and portfolio management, restructuring, crisis management and turnaround management in management positions. We produced outstanding results and successes in the areas of turnaround management and management after mergers and acquisitions, in particular in multinational contexts. We face your turbulences with you, too.


We design the perfect training packages to bring you and your team further.

Some topics are only of interest to specialists or individuals. Others apply to an entire group or business unit. In best practice organizations, continuing education is an integral part of work and is geared to the targets of both the organization and the employee. We provide for every single one of those needs. We offer “open seminars” for individuals on our standard topics. These seminars can also be booked as intensive one-on-one coaching. Groups, teams and business units may book trainings in small groups to be conducted either in their or in our premises. To best practice organizations, we are a partner specialized in developing, conducting and controlling qualification programs in multi-national companies. We assemble the perfect training package according to your needs.


We are your sparring partner at eye level.

As a thought leader, entrepreneur, driver for innovation, expert or visionary, it is often difficult to find sparring partners to discuss future-oriented ideas and scenarios and to develop solutions for them. These conversations, however, are essential in order to identify and analyze trends and changes, assess risks and opportunities and develop suitable measures. We experienced all of this first-hand. We deal with these issues in a professional and passionate way. We are your sparring partner at eye level.

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