The Alliance of Entrepreneurial Experts

We see ourselves as a community of people, who enjoy taking opportunities and initiatives and have fun dealing with business challenges. We share a strong intrinsic motivation, a need for self-responsibility and a great interest in changes. Over the last years, we have gained a significant amount of experience, while scaling new heights with our customers. We know that it is possible and, most importantly, how it is possible.

How can we help you?

The members of the alliance are highly educated and experienced interim managers, consultants, trainers and coaches. We complement your team with all required leadership and methodological competences along the entire change lifecycle. In order to address strategic, as well as operational challenges, we apply a wide range of analytic, structuring, implementation and management tools.  We would be pleased to support you with our know-how.

Get to know us and find out more about our approach!

Our vision

Our vision is a corporate world, where we enjoy working in, because the organization and first of all the people have learnt to deal in a qualified manner with changes and uncertainties.

Our mission

Our mission is to guide our clients on their way to the top.  We do this by bringing in our experience gained through successfully mastered challenges, the ability to learn and grow from failures and the faith in a goal or idea as well as its feasibility. To successfully implement changes in our clients´ organizations, we make best use of human as well as economic potentials.

Our values

Integrity builds authenticity and trust that create a common basis for facing challenges together. Furthermore, our actions are guided by our awareness and values:

  • Relevance: support and transfer of expertise with a vision
  • Humanity: reciprocity, respect and equality in all interactions
  • Teamwork: working together and creating unique solutions
  • Diversity: constant exchange of ideas and continuous mutual development
  • Freedom: entrepreneurial, responsible and practice-oriented way of working
  • Sustainability: solutions that work not only today, but also tomorrow
  • Future viability: balance between change and stability
  • Responsibility: committed to trust
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: innovation and creative, profitable solutions
  • Value orientations: shared value as a guiding principle
  • Result orientation: effectively planned and executed changes bring a difference