Our amontis webinars allow you to make the most of the time you (have to) spend at home.

In summary, it is the following features that make online conferences so interesting for organisers and participants:

  • Real-time audio communication via VoIP
  • Text communication via chat
  • Uncomplicated presentation of slideshows or screen contents
  • Video streaming
  • Release and download of additional learning material
  • Practical possibility to record complete lectures and offer or view them afterwards
  • Create and deploy surveys or quizzes

Here you will find a comparison between webinars and presence seminars.


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Comparison between webinars and presence seminars

Webinars – Benefits Attendance seminars – Benefits
Save costs: no need to travel, no overnight stays, no room rental, and so on. No seminar cancellation due to technical problems
Simple registration process The trainer can better assess the mood and motivation of the participants
Uncomplicated exchange of information before, during and after the event Less distraction potential for the audience
Anonymous participation possible More intensive interaction between the trainer and the participants
No limit to the number of participants in theory (in practice the maximum number of participants depends on the technical conditions) Time frame flexibly adaptable
Possibility to release digital additional material or download it at any time during the webinar Physical copies of the course material are distributed during the seminar